Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (The First 1.000€ in 1 Week)

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Reading time | Last update: May 2024

Welcome to this blog!!! Today you will learn affiliate marketing for beginners!

I would say 1,000€ a week is easily achievable if you keep a few basic things in mind.

Maybe you know it... you go on YouTube, type in affiliate marketing and it comes up with some little kids sitting in their nurseries who have never made a dime on the internet and want to tell you about affiliate marketing.

How you make 1000€ in a month without having your own product and other nonsense... Today we do it a little differently....

Today I'm going to show you what you need to know about affiliate marketing if you want to get started.

I've heard it so many times niche sites don't work, affiliate marketing is dead.

No, affiliate marketing isn't dead... it's just gotten a little harder.

It's cool for beginners to know a few little secrets... but if you don't, you run the risk of not succeeding very quickly.

So, first of all, what is your unique selling proposition? What sets you apart from the other marketers?

For example, I have an info product that I sell for 1,000€. In my case, it's a really in-depth Smart Commerce course that goes really deep into the material and shows participants step by step how to build a highly profitable eCommerce empire.

I give 40% commission on it... that is, if someone recommends this product and makes a sale with me I get 600€ and he 400€.

This is basic affiliate marketing, in its purest form.... You recommend something and get a commission for it... simple.

But of course I don't have just one affiliate and if I don't have just one affiliate, then a lot of others promote that as well.

That means there is an insane amount of competition for the product.

That's why you need a unique selling point...

Assuming you want to promote my Smart Commerce system, you might want to get my course yourself and see what's inside and then add your own bonuses to the whole thing to make it sexy for your customers.

This means that if someone buys it through your link, he gets something extra... This ensures that people do not buy from your competition but from you.

This is super important, because you yourself could just buy the course directly from me or?

So you have to offer your own bonuses.

I keep hearing yes I'll build a blog, then it will work... the dumbest thing you can do in 2017 is start a blog unless you have the opportunity to start email marketing because all this SEO stuff only works by either being extremely persistent or knowing very well what you're doing or spending a lot of money on PPC.

So first you pick 1-2 high ticket offers that sell for $1,000 or more so that when you make a sale you don't just get $10 like many affiliate marketers do who have no clue about anything.

So next you pick a high ticket offer from the infoproduct market, these don't have to be "make money on the internet" niches. It can be any niche really.

The main thing is that this niche has high ticket offers and is sold via webinars as these usually convert better.

You have to make sure that the EPC is very high and that the lifetime value is also high. What about the cancellation rate?

You can't see this for everyone, but you can contact the vendor of the product.

In practice, this means you build up an email list, collect leads and promote the high ticket webinars in your niche.

Maybe make your own video and tell people to sign up for the webinar and as a bonus you give e.g. free Coaching Hours.

Usually in such a webinar, the strategy is explained and for those who want to deepen the content, a high ticket program is offered at the end.

You do that with the first email and in between you send a few value mails where you can add even more value in the form of tips, tricks & hacks.

In addition, I advise you to look for an additional program on a monthly basis that will bring you a stable monthly income.

You can also connect your email marketing with a can write in the blog why you would recommend this webinar and also write at the bottom "If you get product XYZ now through this link at the end of the webinar then I'm still offering bonus XYZ for free."

You then promote this blog article with Facebook or Google Ads.

If you're paying attention, you'll have seen that I pin my YouTube videos to the top of my blog articles.

This ensures that the blog articles and YouTube videos push each other and when I run a Facebook ad on my blog, my blog, YouTube channel & affiliate commission gets pushed.

How did you do affiliate marketing as a beginner? Did you always promote only low priced products or did you also dare to do high ticket and monthly programs?

Your mentor

Samuel Peiffer
Ecommerce expert

Since 2015, I have made it my mission to help other people achieve temporal, financial and geographical freedom.

I'll walk you through a proven step-by-step process by which you can get off the hamster wheel by building a successful lifestyle business online.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (The First 1.000€ in 1 Week)

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (The First 1.000€ in 1 Week)

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