Cj Dropshipping Review: The Best Dropshipping Provider

By Samuel 

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Reading time | Last update: May 2024

Do you want to know why Cj Dropshipping for the best dropshipping provider? 

In this guide, I'm going to tell you just that, so that you no longer have to rely on the 12 weeks delivery time of AliExpress and your customers are finally satisfied.

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What is Cj Dropshipping?

CJ Dropshipping is a platform, which takes care of product sourcing, order processing and shipment handling. 

You can source, brand and fully automate dropshipping of products through this platform.

How does Cj Dropshipping work?

CJ Dropshipping is a comprehensive website that supports every dropshipping provider from the beginning.

Support is provided from order processing and product procurement, to warehousing, shipping and everything in between.

The very first question you may have is about your product.

You can simply search the website by product name to see if your product is included with CJ.

If you have the product details and are satisfied with the offer from the Dropshipping merchant satisfied, orders are your next step. 

However, there are two different methods of order fulfillment depending on whether or not you have authorized business for CJ.

If you are interested in automatic order processing, you need to learn about 'Store Authorization' and 'Product Listing / Connection'.

If not, you can just jump to 'Order upload via Excel / CSV file'.

Did you know?

You set your own margin! In most cases, you can set the profit margin yourself. Of course, there are sometimes also various price specifications from the dropshipping provider itself, but only the minimum prices are mentioned there in any case. The fact that there is hardly any upper limit is particularly appealing.

Save authorization

Which online store platform can I connect to Cj?

There are eight types of online store platforms available to integrate with CJ. They are stored at Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Lazada, Shopee. For each online store platform there are the general and detailed authorization steps, which are made available on the same page.

Product list / Connection

In order to identify the products from an online store order, CJ must establish a connection between your products and your online store.

If the product is not available in your store, the listing function can be of great help.

To do this, simply click the "List" button on the CJ product page and set some details.

The product will be added to your store and an automatic connection will be established.

Automatic job import

Once you complete the store authorization and product connection in your Shopify store, orders for those products from your store are automatically pulled into your CJ account.

Choose in your back office select the orders to be processed and add them to the shopping cart. 

Now confirm your selected order and make your payment.

After that, the dropshipping provider takes care of everything.

Your order will be forwarded to the dropshipping merchant and processed.

Processing orders via the upload of an Excel / CSV file

For users without authorized stores, the only option is to upload a CSV table to place an order.

In this case, you need to add the products to the so-called SKU list, which can also be found on the product page of the dropshipping provider.

This has the advantage that you can use any sales platform and with just one upload you can process thousands of orders in 10 seconds. 

So you can also use a conversion optimized Clickfunnels account to boost your sales and don't even need to have a direct connection with Cj Dropshipping to process your orders.

What is the delivery time for orders from Cj Dropshipping? 

With CJ Dropshipping, you can have your packages shipped via DHL from the Chinese warehouse to one of the many US warehouses in the US. 

This trip from China to USA usually takes 5-7 days. 

The delivery time to Germany can take one to two weeks, but this should definitely be communicated with the customers, so that the consumer can prepare for this delivery time. 

This way, not only the customer is happy, but you also avoid frequent inquiries due to the long delivery time.

Also nice-to-know:

Starting an e-commerce business is much easier thanks to dropshipping, because as a seller you don't have to deal with the business model of physical products yourself. 

The time and effort you would have to spend ordering, storing, transporting, packing and insuring the products at the wholesaler can be used elsewhere, for example to make more money online! 

Cj Dropshipping Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of Cj Dropshipping


Cj Dropshipping

Aliexpres & Oberlo


Print on demand

Own branding and packaging

US/DE Warehouse

Shopify connection

Car. Order processing

Quality control

no minimum order quantity

auto. Tracking numbers

Professional videos

free unlimited order filling

No monthly fee

Free product source (sourcing)

Same day processing

Free support with own Ecom Manager

One of the most significant advantages of CJ is the so-called print-on-demand process.

You don't have any upfront costs because the printing is done as soon as an order is received by CJ. Dropshipping wholesalers also benefit from this method, as the cost of producing your item is lower.

Another plus is the U.S. stock, which is not available from many other vendors.

Accordingly, no storage costs are charged. Besides the warehouses in the USA, there are also some in Germany, China and India, which means that delivery all over the world is definitely feasible and easy to realize.

Here it is worth mentioning that for the products in all warehouses do not entail any costs!

In addition, there is a self-service dispute platform with suppliers, in which you can so quickly agree with others in case of problems, without having to go through great detours.

CJ makes sure that any problems that arise can be quickly sorted out and that the customers and dropshipping dealers / dropshipping wholesalers as well as all dropshipping suppliers are happy and satisfied.

By the way, the free platform also offers free and unlimited order fulfillment for all your products.

This means that you can place as many orders as you want, completely free of charge.

Other free benefits include order fulfillment monitoring and your product source, as well as multiple store management and of course customer support in multiple languages. Many other providers already get their first revenue here and charge money for these services. CJ remains customer friendly and fair here as well.

One of the unique features of CJ Dropshipping is that the processing of the order happens on the same day and you do not have to pay any fees for warehouses. The dropshipping suppliers receive the information immediately and your order is initiated.

Another great advantage is the so-called "sourcing requests".

Here you can request a product from the dropshipping dealer / dropshipping wholesaler.

This means that if the desired product is not listed, CJ's sourcing team will contact the dropshipping supplier directly and request the desired product.

So you can always request items that are not even in the product list of the provider.

By and large, CJ provides a professional product image and customizes packaging and product branding promotion inserts.

Dropshipping wholesalers and also the smaller dropshipping merchants are very satisfied with the platform so far.

Other, general advantages of dropshipping providers are:

  • no costs because of stock keeping
  • no costs because of unsold items
  • No costs due to personnel
  • New products constantly
  • Professionals help you to take care of the purchase of the goods
  • Articles can be offered for several 10.000 Euro without having to pre-finance them.

Disadvantages of Cj Dropshipping

As with many other dropshipping providers, there are a few drawbacks with CJ.

These are, on the one hand, the storage fees if a product is not available in one of the final warehouses. 

Here fees are incurred, which vary depending on the type and delivery.

The so-called storage service fees consist of handling fee, shipping fee and storage fee. A Fees overview can be found here.

Let's take as an example a product weighing 15 kg, which has been ordered 10 times and is to be delivered to Germany because it is not available in stock:

The costs for this are then made up as follows:

6.5 $ per item handling fee, 7.80 $ per item shipping fee and 1.04 $ per cubic meter per day for storage fees in Germany.

Depending on the stay of the product in the warehouse, basic costs in the amount of 143 $ are already incurred here.

Of course, the cost increases depending on the order value, but CJ has another advantage to offer here as well.

The storage costs are not charged for new customers for 30 days and are considered a friendly "welcome bonus".

The disadvantages of the platform are therefore limitedUnlike some other providers, which we will show you later in the comparison.

How can I connect Cj Dropshipping with Shopify? 

To connect Cj Dropshipping with Shopify, you need simple 3 steps:

  1. 1
    To connect your Shopify store to Cj, log in to your account and click on "My CJ". 
  2. 2
    Simply click on "Authorization".
  3. 3
    Now you just need to select "Shopify" and click "Add Store".

After following all these steps, you are now successfully connected to Shopify.

Is there a Cj dropshipping alternative?

There are many Cj dropshipping alternatives and also other dropshipping providers, merchants and suppliers that you can use.

I have tried many of them over the years and made you a short comparison list here, with advantages and disadvantages compared to Cj Dropshipping.

If another dropshipping provider makes sense for you, you can of course use that one as well. 

Here is my honest opinion...

What are the best dropshipping providers?

Cj Dropshipping vs. AliExpress

This dropshipping is a combination of Aliexpress and Oberlo.

This is where dropshippers list or connect products from CJ to your stores. Then CJ pulls orders from the stores and takes care of everything.

Stock service, photo / video, POD, cash on delivery, partners, etc. This means that you cannot create a store on AliExpress or use their products directly in your store.

So, if you are thinking about using AliExpress to run your store, you already have to go through a very complex process.

Besides, at ALiexpress there are some sich repetitive problems:

Problems with shipping times: There is no guarantee that the product will arrive in the time specified, and shipping times can be up to 60 days.

Problems with products, that have not been delivered at all: This is quite common because it is not possible to track down the suppliers or communicate with them successfully.

Cost increase due to the expiry of promotions: No seller will notify you if they decide to change the product, raise the price or lower it altogether.

Cj Dropshipping vs Oberlo

As mentioned earlier, CJ is a mixture of Aliexpress and Oberlo. The problem with this platform is that the shipping process has not yet been properly tuned.

It can take several days or a few weeks for your product to reach customers. So you have to be prepared for demand, in the worst case bad reviews.

For most products, different shipping methods are available, but unfortunately this does not change the speed of delivery.

In terms of language, Oberlo unfortunately does not offer multilingualism at the moment and is therefore only available in English.

This means your scope is somewhat limited, as not everyone understands English or is comfortable with English terminology.

Fact: Cost as a dropshipper? 

Most successful dropshippers only have a home office with a laptop or PC and the most important office equipment. This usually costs less than 100€ per month.

Cj Dropshipping vs uDroppy

The best thing about uDroppy is that they offer international shipping with DHL for an absolutely fair price.

uDroppy actually supplies only one platform, which limits your scope enormously. 

The product selection is significantly limited and therefore you will probably have a harder time selling your products.

The customer will also choose a platform that can give him a much wider choice.

Although uDroppy is international, as it serves 5 countries and has 6 languages available, the German language is not available here either. 

Another limitation is the cost point.

In the free version, no support is provided. If you use this service, you will have to pay 249$ monthly for all services.

I myself have never had any problems with uDroppy, however I have heard of my Coaching Participants learned that this company has not delivered more than half of the orders in early to mid-2020. Yes, some have been left sitting on the costs.

Even though I'm friends with the founders, I can't currently recommend them, but that doesn't mean that can't change in the next 12 months, as they are already working on this problem at this point.

Cj Dropshipping vs Chinabrands

Chinabrands would be the perfect place for you to provide suppliers and quality supply chains.

With 19 main categories and hundreds of niches on Chinabrands, it makes it easy for you to choose a popular and profitable niche with your dropshipping business.

With 8 warehouses around the world, the ability to deliver goods within 24 hours is guaranteed.

But here too, the problem is that suppliers are not always reliable. The warehouses of Chinabrands can be overfilled again and again, which can break the quality chain from one moment to the next and ruin your business.

Can I work anywhere?

A dropshipping business can be controlled and managed from almost anywhere in the world, the main thing is that you have a stable internet connection. As long as you have access to your sales platform and you are able to communicate with dropshipping suppliers and customers, you can easily run your business from anywhere in the world.

Cj Dropshipping vs Eprolo

Eprolo guarantees a fast delivery time through eprolo express, but with this dropshipping retailer, you will be no exact information about the delivery time transacted. 

By the way, the platform is also only available in English, which again limits the scope of your business.

My conclusion

For me and my coaching participants is Cj the best dropshipping provider. You get very reliable and fast delivery worldwide, easy automation, great support, branding opportunities.

Did I forget a dropshipping supplier? Write me which one you want me to try and I'll add it to this guide.

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