This is how much dropshipping startup capital you really need (Realistic numbers)

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Reading time | Last update: May 2024

Have you ever thought about starting your own dropshipping business? If so, you've probably thought about how much money you'll need to do it. In this blog post, I'll answer the question: "How much dropshipping startup capital do you need to build a successful online shop? . .

Come with me on a journey of discovery and learn more about the different factors that influence startup capital needs. So, let's find out together what it takes!

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What are the costs of dropshipping?

If you want to start with dropshipping, it is advisable to budget about 4.000€ - 6.000€ startup capital. This way it is possible to build a fully functional dropshipping online store, purchase the necessary training materials from experts and do social media advertising - all without stress. It is not a good idea to think you can start with just 500€, because so little capital can be used for social media advertising.

Business registrations, tax consultants, etc.

When you start a dropshipping business, you need to register your business. This opens up a lot of opportunities for you - but it also comes at a price. It's important to include the cost of business registration in your overall startup capital budget.

According to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, a sole proprietorship in Germany costs a maximum of 180 euros. These costs are higher for the formation of a GmbH, as here the procedural costs are amount to 1150 euros on average. In addition, this needs a Capital contribution of at least €25,000.

Also, the formation of an LLC (Limited Liability Company) in the U.S. is usually very inexpensive, as it is usually limited to the charging of fees for the registration of the LLC. Generally, the costs are between 70 and 750 US dollarsdepending on the state in which the company is incorporated. The capital contribution to an LLC is usually not required, but can be made to attract investors.

It is important to note that all legal forms have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the costs differ depending on the legal form and the business situation. To learn more about the differences between a sole proprietorship and a GmbH, we recommend that you research the websites of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy or a tax advisor you trust.

Software and apps

A professional store software like Shopify, WooCommerce or Clickfunnels can make it easy to get started with dropshipping. The cost of this software varies depending on how functional it is and what support it offers.

An e-commerce system can get you between 9 USD and 300 USD per month cost. It is also possible to add certain apps that can help you create your online store. These apps have their own fee structures that are usually affordable.

If you use Shopify, almost all apps for order processing, website themes, order tracking, conversion optimization and email marketing are charged monthly. Each additional feature requires an extra app to be installed. According to a survey, the average Shopify user spends $72 per month on additional apps.

It is important to test the apps before using them long term. Some offer free trials, while others have paid subscriptions with different features and pricing. Make sure you check out all the available options and decide which ones are best for your online store.

However, always remember to check all costs incurred so as not to spend more money than necessary.


If you want to start a dropshipping business, it's important to understand that investing in premium content will get you much more in the long run than just watching YouTube videos.

Free videos have their limitations; they can still be very helpful, but they won't get you that far. This is because they can only provide limited information. Are usually poorly structured and only offer partial solutions. Often, a lot is also held back so that you watch more and more videos. And thus you lose your most valuable asset when it comes to starting your dropshipping business - time. In addition, free content often only provides an overview of various dropshipping concepts and strategies, but it falls far short of delivering the same value as high-quality video courses, coaching and mentoring programs.

These options give you much more depth into the topic, the opportunity to interact with experts, ask questions, and get suggested solutions. Furthermore, they also help you build a broader network of connections for your dropshipping business. All of these elements will not only help you develop the know-how necessary to build a successful dropshipping business, but also help you gain insights and experience that are otherwise difficult to obtain.

High quality coaching usually starts at 3,000-4,000 euros. Even though this has a higher monetary investment than many free YouTube videos, the long-term results are usually much greater. Video courses are also very useful and are often offered at a reduced price - starting at 500 Euros you can sometimes find great courses and thus be able to learn more comprehensively about the dropshipping market and build a successful business.

Advertising on social media

For a successful and scalable dropshipping business, it is crucial to allocate at least 1,000 euros for advertising on social media.

Unfortunately, many dropshipping entrepreneurs fail because they do not adequately plan their budget for paid social media marketing activities. Without a solid advertising budget, the company lacks the capacity to realize the full potential of its business model and is left with slow growth or even stagnant development.

Therefore, it is advisable to set aside at least 1000 euros for advertising to achieve the best possible result for a successful and scalable dropshipping business. This helps to test multiple products quickly and effectively to lay the foundation for scaling the business. With the investment in advertising, the respective campaigns can be better tracked and there is an opportunity to collect relevant data and gain insights about potential customer groups.

Ways to raise seed capital for your dropshipping business

My conclusion

To start a successful dropshipping business, it is important to provide enough startup capital. We recommend at least 4.000€ - 6.000€ for the creation of an online store, business registrations, tax advisor etc., the use of software and apps as well as investing in educational materials.

When we invest in a dropshipping business, we should always remember that we are spending money to make more money. This must be considered as an investment - be it in stocks, real estate, or even business - that will generate a return. Therefore, the cost does not necessarily hurt as long as you are aware that this is an investment.

It is never wise to start with only a minimum of capital (e.g. 500€), as this leaves little money available for social media advertising and you do not collect enough relevant data about potential customer groups. With the right planning and investment, dropshipping is a very lucrative way to achieve long-term success.

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