Facebook Ads For Shopify Dropshipping | The 5-Euro Strategy

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Reading time | Last update: May 2024

In this Facebook Ads guide you will learn how to use simple 5 Euro Facebook Ads for Shopify Dropshipping and get them really profitable. The hardest part is simply generating traffic, that is, customers who come to your online store to buy from you. 

Many start now and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to run Facebook Ads. But somehow they end up making hardly any dropshipping sales, get frustrated and just stop because they just don't get any results and don't know what the reason is. 

That's why in this Facebook Ads guide, I'll show you how we can create successful $5 Facebook Ads and avoid burning a lot of money with them.

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My Macro to Micro Strategy

The first thing you always need to do is split test the product. However, many test the micro level before the macro level. 

This means that they first test target groups before you even test the product. And we have to make sure that we always do the opposite. 

I have already done so many tests. Many say you should just change the headline on the landing page and it will work better. 

Logically, it will also work a bit better. But you will never see such a big difference in results as if you change the whole design or offer something completely different. 

That means what we have to test first is the offer itself, that is, the macro level. First the big things and then the small subtleties, like headline changes, targeting and so on. But we start with the big things first, so the products themselves. 

What is Split Testing for Facebook Ads & how does it work?

In the following part of the Facebook Ads tutorial, I'll tell you what exactly a split test of the product is. 

We'll pick four to five products. And from these we will do a split test in the same Facebook campaign. Then we'll end up with a single product that's really profitable and has already generated really good sales with a small budget of 5 euros per day? 

That means our goal is to really get 20 to 50 sales in one to two weeks so that we can apply one of my three scaling strategies from that. 

By the way, one of them is also included in the 400,000 Euro case study from this challenge. That means you can use it after you have done this test process. 

But before we can scale, we have to know which product is good for the job. And that's why we try to pit these products against each other. 

And we don't test any target groups like crazy, but first the products themselves. As soon as we have found the best product, we take out all the others. 

And then we start testing the interests of the ads in the next step, so in the ad group. And if we can optimize the whole thing here, run it for another week and it still gets really good sales, then we go to the next step. 

Now we're going to ramp up the campaign and scale it. That means, everything that has more than 50 sales, we can scale super well and thus also make these high sales to become really blatantly profitable with dropshipping as well. 

So now you've ruled out burning money in the first place. Many just go and start selling unprofitable products and test things that can't actually be improved. For example, you can't put makeup on a pig and hope it will look better. 

Ideally, you've also already done product research and found at least five products to upload to your dropshipping store so you can pit them against each other.

What products are suitable for Facebook advertising

In the next step of this Facebook Ads tutorial, I'll show you what's important for such a product that you can test and how you can find the target group that fits it. There are many pitfalls. I will also show you how the purchase price of a product must be, so that it is really profitable.

We did the whole thing with a product that worked really well, namely a posture correction so that you sit up straight. And it's really great. We even had prices of 1.66 euros in the purchase and over 17 euros in the sale. 

You can just replicate that and once you have results, you'll see that you can scale it. This shouldn't be for making money at first, but just to find out what sells well. 

So I picked out a product, a posture correction. The product is good because the fitness niche is very broad. You can target the whole market. If you have a really good gadget, it will also convert very well. 

Also, the purchase price is so low. We start here with a product that could be purchased for $1.33. That means we are at a very low purchase cost. 

And on Amazon, this exact product sells for 16.99 Euros. That means we can easily sell this product for the same price and probably even have something better than Amazon at the start. And in addition, we have four more products that you have ideally already picked out, which you can now test. 

We start very simple: We make one ad that all five products go into. And then we make five ad groups. That's where the individual products come in. 

So, we first test the product itself here, for example, posture correction here. 

I recommend 5 euros to start, because that's just a good budget to collect data to see, okay are there sales coming in. 

And I always start the ads at zero o'clock. This is very important, because then the Facebook algorithm can take the entire day to calculate. 

Run targeted Facebook ads for dropshipping

Targeting is nothing more than another word for your target group. The important thing here is that you simply think about what your dream customer actually looks like.

I'll tell you how to do that now.

What should the target group look like?

And now it's a matter of choosing the target group. Many now go and target very peak target groups here. Of course, that also brings advantages, but broad target groups are better suited for our products.

What we do is this: We go to interests and just see that we take as interests, for example, strength training. We want a target group that's at least a million big. That's perfect to sell a trend product. 

That's where we need such a large target group, because we want to make really high sales. We want to cover the entire target group and really make a lot of sales. And that's the strong point of this strategy. 

We also have to pay attention to the age of our target group. We do away with anything over 65. We even go down to 44 here, because there aren't that many men and women in the fitness industry above that who are interested. 

And we set as a minimum age 20, because everyone under that usually doesn't have a credit card or just doesn't have that much money and is willing to buy products online. 

My target group is still large enough to launch the products now for the time being and to collect proper data here.

Where should I place the Facebook Ads for my online store?

Automatic placements are best turned off. We go to Edit Placements and select Instagram and Facebook Newsfeeds.

We'll turn everything else off and leave only Facebook News Feed, Instagram Newsfeed and Instagram Stories here. 

Instagram Stories but only when we have something that actually fits in the Stories. If our ad is not tailored here for Instagram Stories, then we turn that off. That's very important. 

And then I always set it so that only people with a Wi-Fi connection see my ad. That means that if people are standing at the checkout in Aldi and are just paying, they won't see my ad. 

That's not where I want the money to go, because I don't want them to then click on the app, see the ad briefly, and close it immediately. I want them to buy, too. That's convergence. 

And then we press publish and repeat the process again with the remaining four products.

Now we let that run for a week and then we see which product has the most sales and take all the others out. Or we can keep two or three if they were profitable. It also happens from time to time that you test five products and three of them are good. So for the good product you let the ad run.

And with the product that works best - or even multiple products - you can then take your sales to the next level by simply scaling the ads you serve.

How to scale Facebook ads

Once you see that this ad has made at least 20 to 25 sales over seven days, then you can start doing something like we're doing now in the 400,000 Euro case study. 

You just go and work for example with manual bidding strategies or duplicate this ad ten times. And that will work really well I can tell you. 

If you've tested that now, you go in later and see if you have other videos, other pictures, and see if you can find the best picture or video. You just let that run for another week. 

And if after two weeks the budget is still good, then scale up nicely, duplicate the ads at will and watch yourself reach a huge audience. 

That was the last step of the Facebook Ads tutorial and you will see that if you follow the steps in order, you will quickly achieve success with your campaigns.

My conclusion

In this Facebook Ads guide, all the steps and factors you need to create successful Facebook Ads are included.

If you apply everything I said in this Facebook Ads for Shopify Dropshipping guide right away and follow it step by step, then I can promise you that your ads on Facebook will soon be very successful.

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