High Ticket Dropshipping: The Ultimate Guide (Selling High Ticket Products Online)

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Reading time | Last update: May 2024

This ultimate guide is all about high ticket dropshipping, why it is so highly profitable and why you should start selling high priced products online.

The biggest problem when you start your own online business is often that you don't have much of the cake left over. That is, you may make 500 euros in sales, and in the end you have earned 30 or 40 euros after deducting all costs.

In this article you will learn how to solve this problem. I will show you why you should start with high ticks dropshipping, what are the pros and cons of it and will give you seven tips on how you can start your own dropshipping business right now.

By the way, the strategy I'm talking about here is part of my dropshipping coaching program. There I show you this high ticket dropshipping process in detail.

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What is High Ticket Dropshipping?

High ticket dropshipping is the sale of high price physical products online. These have a minimum value of 50€ and ideally 200€ or more. This allows high sales to be achieved with few online store visitors.

But if you start between 50 and 70 euros, that's already a very good starting point and absolutely recommended.

I will show you later what are the pros and cons of high ticket dropshipping and why you should definitely start with it.

Why sell high-priced products online?

So why is it better to sell high priced now?

This can be shown by a very simple calculation

If you want to make 10,000 euros in sales a month and have a high profit, you must not do "low price" dropshipping.

Because if you have e.g. Product for 15 euros sell, you will 666 Sales need to 10.000 Euro to earn.

If you now spend 7 euros per product on advertising costs, for example, and have 5 euros in product costs, then you will only make a total profit of three euros.

And if you now multiply these 666 sales by these 3 euros profit, you have in the end only 1,998 euros. That's how little is left of your 10,000 euros in sales.

I think it's great that you are now making sales and even profit. That's probably better than what most people manage. And 20 percent is not bad at all.

But take a look at what happens when you do high ticket dropshipping and sInstead of a 15 Euro product you sell a 200 Euro product.

If you now sell only 50 units of a 200 euro product, that is still 10,000 euros in sales.

Then we now spend, for example, 60 euros on ads to sell a single product.

In terms of product costs, we have maybe 40 euros, which is also very realistic for a product that you sell for 200 euros.

So that means we spend 100 euros to make 200 euros per sale. To make those 10,000 euros in sales, we only have to sell the whole thing 50 times.

That is, we have here a profit of 5000 euros.

So we made 2.5 times more profit with no change in sales?

And yet you need almost 13 times less traffic when you do high ticket dropshipping. That's genius.

Imagine we built an online store, load this high priced product in there and then start buying ads. If we make exactly one sale per day, we can spend 60 euros on advertising every day!

If you do the whole thing with the low-priced product, you can spend a maximum of 10 euros a day to make a sale and still be profitable.

You can compare which is easier:

If you have to make a sale on Facebook Ads for 10 Euros to be profitable, or if you can spend 60 Euros and generate a sale.

So this is the only way you can make such high profit with dropshipping.

I hope you now have a clear picture of what it means to sell high-priced products and why it is so profitable. From a mathematical point of view alone.

But I still want to show you some pros and cons of high price dropshipping, because it's not all good and it's not all bad when you do something.

Advantages of High Ticket Dropshipping

First of all, let's talk about the many advantages that High Ticket Dropshipping offers you.


The most important advantage in high-priced dropshipping is sustainability.

The fact that we no longer just sell smaller trend products gives us the advantage of being able to focus on a long-term niche that is truly evergreen.

That means once we find a product that works, it runs for years.

Also, because we have to make fewer sales to achieve such high revenues and profits, we don't have to attract as many customers. That means the market is much bigger for us that way.

Low customer support

Another advantage is the low customer support that you logically need.

If you only make one sale a day and still earn many hundreds of euros, then you have the advantage that you only have to look after one customer.

The other method would require you to support multiple customers and even outsource support to multiple employees.

High margin

The third advantage of high price dropshipping is, as mentioned, the high margin.

That means you can spend much, much more money on advertising and therefore scale much more.

In the long run, this allows you to build and position your brand better, and it's all because of the high margins.

And it's no wonder why giant companies like Apple, for example, only sell high-priced products. What do you think it costs to make an iPhone? The margin is gigantic.

Less traffic

The next point is that you need much, much less traffic to make money.

By having a higher margin, you need fewer sales to make the same or even more profit.

So you can focus on doing really well with the little bit of traffic you get. That's a brilliant advantage.

Less competition

Another advantage is that you have less competition and don't have to focus so much on price wars because someone is trying to undercut your price.

Because it's about the added value of the product you're selling. Because high-priced products are problem-solving products.

Every time a product is sold, you add value. It's very important that you understand that.

You can also bundle offers and sell, for example, the high-priced product and give a free PDF or video with it where you explain how to best use the product.

This way you will get the best results.

Disadvantages of High Ticket Dropshipping

However, there are also disadvantages to high ticket dropshipping. After all, everything has a few disadvantages.

I think the disadvantages are not so serious and the advantages definitely outweigh them. That's why I recommend it for every beginner.

But just make up your own mind about the disadvantages.

Higher investment (felt)

The first disadvantage of high ticket dropshipping is that you have higher costs per purchase. Due to the higher price of the products you also have higher expenses.

That is, you no longer have only 5-15 euros per sale here, as with the low-priced products. With high ticket dropshipping, you may have to spend more money. This is often between 30 and 60 euros.

But because the margin is so large, you are already more than profitable with the first sale. But you have to pay a little bit in advance, that's very important to keep in mind.

So you may have to run your store for a week first and only then do your first sale.

You will have to invest a little bit more in the beginning, but as soon as you make the first sales, your business will yield incredibly high profits.

That's why it's very important that you think long-term here.

No impulse buying

The next disadvantage of high ticket dropshipping is that the sales here are no longer impulse buys.

In low price dropshipping, many purchases occur spontaneously because customers simply see a cheap product they want.

But with high-priced products, they won't just buy on the spur of the moment anymore.

People want to get a little information first. They want to see social proofs and reviews. They want to see that the product is qualitative.

Therefore, for high-priced products, you need to focus more on branding and build a brand that customers trust.

And that's just a little bit of a disadvantage. Because you simply won't sell as many products as you would if you focused on impulse purchases.

No AliExpress

The last disadvantage of high ticket dropshipping is that you should not use AliExpress.

Because that is known for not having good products and the shipping times are long. This way you will not be able to sell products at high prices.

That's why I recommend everyone to use high quality suppliers. Suppliers that deliver really good quality, are fast and maybe even work with DHL and FedEx.

In addition, there should be the possibility to brand the delivery with your own logo and packaging, if the product then sells really well. So the whole thing looks really classy and you can distinguish yourself from other dropshippers.

7 Tips for High Ticket Dropshipping

I will now also give you seven tips so that you will be able to implement the whole thing yourself.

The best niches for dropshipping

The first tip is simply to focus on specific niches. Focus on a specific area.

Good niches for high ticket dropshipping include office furniture (e.g. standing desks), smart home, electric bikes, home theater equipment, watches and high-end jewelry with good quality, drones or other electrical items.

Of course, you can also consider what people with a lot of money have as a hobby and what they spend their money on. Then, for example, products for fishing or golfing are particularly suitable. The goal is always to appeal to people from the upper middle class. Never sell anything to "poor" people.

They are also higher prices, and they have to be paid somehow. That means you can't just sell something to every guy, but you have to think very clearly about who is actually the person you want to offer something to here.

Focus on product quality

The next tip for selling high ticket dropshipping products is to really focus on the quality of your product.

You need to satisfy your customers, because after all, these products are about more money and buyers expect good service.

Here, as mentioned above, high quality suppliers and also manufacturers who do the whole thing for you also help. Please never use AliExpress, that is not a good supplier.

Fast shipping

So make sure you ship fast with FedEx, DHL and of course tracking.

Because there is nothing worse than when customers have to wait too long.

That's why I recommend you to take the best shipping right at the beginning and add tracking numbers. Then you are well prepared and can sell super fast.

Analyze target group and competition

Next, you should do a really detailed target audience analysis, but also a competitor analysis.

You need to know exactly who your competition is and what you can adapt from them. What works well? Where is there room for improvement?

You also need to know your target group well. You need to know exactly what brands people like, what magazines or books they read and what events they go to?

You need to know all this in order to target customers properly. If you know your customer well, marketing becomes very easy.

Be consistent in branding - but remain minimalist like Apple

Be consistent in your branding. This is very important in three areas:

Product photography & videos

Don't just take any photos or videos that are poorly produced, but send the products to a photographer, for example, who will take great photos for you.

So you end up with a high quality result for your marketing. You should see the product in use and see exactly where the benefit of the product lies.

You should definitely invest here as well if you want to brand your products well.

Convincing sales texts

It doesn't help to just list any features, what kind of properties it has, and then hope that it sells.

Each individual property has a use and a meaning. With a frying pan, for example, you can say it's Teflon coated. And that means for you that your food will never stick again, that your wife will never complain again, that your food tastes like smoke, and so on.

Good sales copy is always about feelings and about the benefits of the product.

Good customer service

You need good customer service that can help potential buyers and persuade them to buy.

It is very important that this support person also knows exactly what to say if, for example, a customer has a question about the product.

Every question is an objection that prevents the person from buying. And you can't just take any random person who has no idea what they're doing, you have to create a clear training for that person.

For example, you can create a document that tells you exactly what to do when a certain question comes up.

This SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is a process that the person in support then simply has to do, and then the whole thing works.

This allows you to hire any person you want for your support. This person then goes through this process and is then able to make independent decisions.

Strong re-marketing

Another important tip for successful high ticket dropshipping is re-marketing. You need to focus on doing mostly re-marketing.

By not being about impulse buys here, it's much harder to attract new customers.

So you need to use customers who have already bought from you for your marketing. Show your target group with test reports that your customers are satisfied.

This way you can convince people who are about to buy the product.

Collect testimonials

The last tip is to collect as many testimonials as possible. This is the prerequisite for re-marketing.

Email your customers, ask friends and family to test the products, and let your customers talk.

This shows undecided buyers that there are many good opinions about your product.

That's how the whole thing gets rolling by itself. Your cost per purchase will go down and you will have real fun.

People will be happy to buy from you. They will also buy again because your products really add value. And that's how you get more testimonials, of course.

My conclusion about High Ticket Dropshipping

Should you start high ticket dropshipping and selling high priced products online now as a beginner?

Definitely yes!

With this dropshipping model it is much easier to make a profit. You need less traffic, because you need less sales, and you will make much more profit in the long run due to the high margins.

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