These are the legal texts you need for your dropshipping store

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Reading time | Last update: May 2024

Do you want to succeed in the fast-growing e-commerce market and get started with your own dropshipping online store? Then you should know that there are some legal hurdles and requirements that must be observed to avoid costly warnings and penalties.

In this article, we want to address this important topic and give you a comprehensive overview of the necessary legal texts for your online store. Make sure that you do everything right and that nothing stands in the way of your success in e-commerce!

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Which legal texts are needed for an online store?

In the German legal area, online stores are obliged to maintain certain legal texts and provide legal information. Failure to comply with these laws can quickly lead to a warning - and that can be expensive, especially for dropshipping online stores. The most important legal texts that should be present in your webshop include the imprint, privacy policy, cancellation policy, terms and conditions, and information about shipping, payment methods, and possibly warranty.

The legal situation surrounding e-commerce and dropshipping is complex and confusing. Countless rules and regulations have to be observed - and that is exactly why it is so important not to create a dropshipping store on your own, but to work with an expert.

The importance of legal texts should not be underestimated: They form the legal foundation of your online store. If these texts are missing or not implemented correctly, you will not only face warnings or penalties, but also the loss of customer trust and reputation. However, if your legal texts are professionally created and watertight, you can start your daily work more relaxed and concentrate on the essentials:

To run your business successfully.

Don't let the complexity of the topic scare you off, but inform yourself comprehensively about the steps necessary to legally secure your dropshipping online store!

And remember: good legal texts are not only a legal requirement, but also a sustainable success criterion for your business in the digital age. Protect your webshop and bring it up to the latest legal standards - then read on now and benefit from our know-how!

Create an Imprint For Dropshipping Online Shops

The creation of a legally flawless and complete imprint is crucial for dropshipping online stores. Violations of the legal requirements can result in high fines, so it is important to use a reputable legal text provider. Especially for such online stores, there are generators that create customized imprint texts within a very short time.

First of all, when selecting a provider, it is important to make sure that the provider is familiar with the legal framework and special features of dropshipping business models. For example, the Distance Selling Act, the Packaging Act and possible liabilities play an important role. A high-quality provider should also take internationalization into account if the online store operates in different countries.

It is also important that the provider offers regular updates and adaptations of the legal texts to comply with legal changes. In our comparison, we have analyzed the best providers of legal texts and identified the best provider that meets these criteria.

The identified provider has extensive experience in the field of e-commerce and dropshipping and offers customized solutions to meet legal obligations. It ensures that all legal requirements, such as the Telemedia Act, the Distance Selling Act and consumer law, are taken into account. In addition, the updating of legal texts over time is also guaranteed.

To start the creation of your imprint, you need to provide the required information, such as your name, address, contact details and information about your shipping partner. The generator will then use this data to create a legally correct and customized imprint. Depending on the complexity of your business model, it may be necessary to make additional adjustments to cover all legal gray areas.

Our research also shows that creating an imprint for dropshipping online stores with the help of a qualified legal text provider is not only quick and easy, but also legally compliant. It's worth investing in a professional provider to avoid expensive legal consequences and damage to the image of your online business.

GTC - General Terms and Conditions for Dropshipping

When creating an online store, especially in the area of dropshipping, it is essential to create legally compliant general terms and conditions (GTC) in order to prevent potential legal problems and possible warnings. The GTC form the legal framework for the sales process between the store operator and its customers and are thus an essential instrument for minimizing risk.

In the dropshipping sector, the terms and conditions are particularly relevant, as the store operator does not act as a direct seller, but as an intermediary between customer and supplier. Therefore, it is essential to establish clearly defined regulations regarding the respective duties and responsibilities within the contractual relationship.

Some important points that should be included in the T&Cs of a dropshipping online store are:

  1. Scope of the GTC: The GTC should clarify that they apply to all contracts between the store operator and its customers, regardless of the type of purchase contract.
  2. Formation of the contract: The T&Cs should describe the exact process of concluding the contract, including the preparation of the offer, the declaration of acceptance and the conditions for concluding the contract.
  3. Prices and terms of payment: All relevant information on prices, payment methods, due dates and any reminder costs should be recorded here.
  4. Delivery terms: The GTC should contain detailed information on the shipping and delivery of the goods in order to avoid possible ambiguities and disputes. This includes information about the shipping time, the shipping company and any shipping costs.
  5. Warranty rights and liability: It is important to set out the statutory warranty rights and any limitations of liability clearly and comprehensibly in the terms and conditions of the online store.
  6. Right of withdrawal: For consumers, a cancellation policy must be offered that provides information about the statutory cancellation rights and their conditions.
  7. Privacy: Within the framework of data protection regulations, it is necessary to refer the customer to the data protection declaration within the framework of the GTC and to inform them about how their data is collected, processed and used.
  8. Final provisions: This part of the GTC should contain, among other things, provisions on the applicability of German law, the place of jurisdiction and the severability clause.

It is advisable to have a specialized lawyer or a legal drafter draft the GTC for a dropshipping online store in order to ensure the greatest possible legal certainty. The use of industry-specific GTC samples can also be helpful.

Refund policy

In the field of online commerce, the cancellation policy is an important aspect of informing customers about their rights when making purchases. It is a legal text required by law, which is particularly important for dropshipping online stores. The focus is exclusively on the cancellation policy, which provides both merchants and customers with clarity regarding the right of cancellation.

In general, the cancellation policy must inform customers that they have the right to cancel their purchase within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods without giving any reason. This revocation must be made in writing, for example, by e-mail or by mail. Due to these requirements, it is important to formulate the cancellation policy precisely so that customers do not receive misinformation and can exercise their rights accordingly.

Some dropshipping online stores also offer an extended withdrawal period to give their customers a greater degree of flexibility. In these cases, the withdrawal period can even be extended to 45 or 60 days. Merchants should therefore clarify in their cancellation policy which cancellation periods apply to their customers and which conditions must be met for this.

In addition, there are products that are excluded from the right of withdrawal. These include, for example, perishable goods such as food or flowers, as well as custom-made or personalized items. In such cases, it is essential to mention these exceptions in the cancellation policy in order to protect both seller and customer from possible misunderstandings or false expectations.

The cancellation policy plays a central role in the area of legal texts for dropshipping online stores, as it provides both merchants and customers with binding guidance regarding cancellation periods and conditions. By formulating these instructions clearly, precisely, and comprehensively, merchants help create a transparent and fair business environment in e-commerce.

This not only benefits your own business and customer loyalty, but also promotes customer trust and satisfaction. And thus, in some cases, a cancellation policy even increases conversion.

Privacy policy

The privacy policy is an essential part of legal texts for dropshipping online stores, as it is intended to educate store visitors about the handling of their personal information. With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, the importance of the privacy policy in online retail has increased further, as certain standards and requirements must now be met.

The privacy policy should first of all transparently and understandably explain which personal data is collected. This includes, for example, the name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and IP address of the user. The collection of payment data such as bank data or credit card information must also be explicitly mentioned.

In addition, the privacy policy must state how the data is processed and stored. This also includes a reference to the technical and organizational measures taken by the store operator to protect personal data.

It must also be explained for what purpose the collected personal data will be used. This can be, for example, the processing of orders, the sending of newsletters or the improvement of the web offer.

Another important point is the transfer of data to third parties. Since in the dropshipping business model the goods are shipped directly from the wholesaler or manufacturer to the customer, it must be made clear in the privacy policy that the personal data is passed on to appropriate partners for the purpose of order processing. Any transfers to payment service providers, shipping companies or IT service providers must also be mentioned.

The privacy policy should also contain information on the duration of data storage, as well as the possibility to request deletion of one's own data. It is important to point out the right of users to view, correct or delete their data.

Finally, the privacy statement must also refer to the use of cookies and analysis tools, if such are used. Here, the modes of operation and purposes of these technologies should be explained and opt-out options should be offered to give users the opportunity to prohibit the use of their data in this way.

Overall, the privacy policy is a central element in compliance with the legal requirements in the area of data protection for dropshipping online stores. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to have a specialist lawyer or specialized service provider draw up the privacy policy.

My conclusion

Legal texts are crucial for the success and legal security of your dropshipping online store. They are the foundation for a solid and trustworthy webshop that satisfies both customers and legislators. Without legally sound terms and conditions, privacy policy, revocation policy and imprint, you risk not only warnings and fines, but possibly also the loss of customers who do not find a clear legal situation in your store.

Now you are probably wondering how to create the right legal texts for your dropshipping online store without making unnecessary mistakes. The good thing is that you are not alone in this challenge. If you need help creating a legally compliant online store, you are welcome to apply for cooperation with us.

In our individual mentoring sessions, we offer the support of e-commerce lawyers who specialize in dropshipping. They have years of experience and have developed and refined sample legal texts specifically for dropshipping online stores. With us, you are also in the best hands to make your store legally secure and customer-friendly.

Consider working with us as an investment in the future of your online store. It ensures that you are legally on the safe side and that you gain and keep the trust of your customers.

Don't wait any longer and contact us to equip your dropshipping online store with legally compliant texts. We look forward to accompanying you on your way to becoming a successful and reputable e-commerce entrepreneur and to leading your online store to success together.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Does every online store need an imprint?

In Germany, an imprint is essential for every online store. In addition to the imprint, a privacy policy, revocation policy and the general terms and conditions must also be correctly present in order to comply with legal requirements.

How to create legal texts?

There are different ways to create legal texts like T&Cs, privacy policy, imprint or cancellation policy for a dropshipping online store. One option is to have individual texts created by a lawyer. This guarantees a high level of legal security, but can sometimes be expensive and may not be affordable for every entrepreneur.

A good alternative to this is offered by online providers that create automated legal texts. These services offer a simple and cost-effective solution to generate legal texts for the online store. The dropshipping store operator enters his individual information in an online form, based on which the appropriate texts are created automatically.

How to create an imprint for an online store?

An imprint is created quickly and easily with the help of the right provider for legal texts. There are special generators that create your imprint in seconds based on your specified data. In our comparison, we have analyzed the best providers for legal texts and found the best one. With it, you can be sure that your imprint complies with all legal requirements!

Which legal texts do you need for an online store?

Dropshipping online stores in Germany must meet the same requirements as all other types of online stores. Every dropshipping store must have easily accessible legal texts, such as general terms and conditions (GTC), cancellation policy, privacy policy and imprint.

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