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Reading time | Last update: May 2024

If you want to start dropshipping in Germany, it's not enough to just create a Shopify store in German to make money online. Simply sorting by frequently sold on AliExpress is unfortunately not enough anymore either. 

But the good news is that it's still easier than ever to make money with dropshipping. Because with these 3 simple steps, you'll be able to quickly find dropshipping products that go viral. This means that you can jump on a trend with your online store even before it is a real trend. 

This is currently the best way to have great success in this business. Today I will show you with three simple steps how you can start your successful dropshipping business with less than 1000 Euro seed capital in Germany. 

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What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a type of online retailing in which an online retailer offers products in its store without even having them in stock itself. As soon as a customer has ordered a product in their store, the dropshipping merchant ensures that this product is delivered directly to the customer by the wholesaler. 

So with a dropshipping business you don't need to invest money and own the products yourself before selling them, nor do you need a lot of space to store the products you sell. So you don't need much startup capital and you can start your own dropshipping business with less than 1000 Euro startup capital. 

You sell the products in your online store at a higher price than you then order them from the wholesaler. The difference between the sales price and the purchase price is your profit. As a seller, you can reinvest all the money earned in advertising and purchased ads and have the opportunity to scale your business to infinity.

The customer himself is usually not even aware that this is a dropshipping product. There is usually no indication of this on the packaging, and the seller is also not obliged to provide any information about this. Sometimes the shipping time can be a little longer, but usually the customer does not notice this.

In this article, I'll show you three simple steps to start your dropshipping business. This strategy has worked for me and will work for you if you apply it correctly. So be sure to read to the end and apply the three steps one by one. That way I can promise you that you will build a successful online store.

How to find dropshipping products that sell a thousand times over

The big problem is, if you want to build your dropshipping business, everyone will tell you:

Go to Ali Express, search for the best sellers, see what sells well, import that into your store, put ads and then that will work. That doesn't work anymore since 2019.

The problem here is that when you search for the best seller on AliExpress or on Amazon, those are the products that used to do well, but never the products that are currently doing well. That is, on AliExpress there are products with a lot of reviews, a lot of sales, that used to sell and that's why they're at the top of the rankings. The same is true for Amazon. But these products have slipped through. 

What we have to do instead is look at what is currently selling well. And you can't go to portals like Ali Express, you have to go where the advertising is. And where the advertising is, there are also the products that are currently selling well. Because no one spends money on something that doesn't work. 

And so my strategy is to go to marketplaces where there is advertising. Big blogs, for example. If you see advertising today and you still see it after three weeks, you know that this product is selling well. The exact same thing is true for Facebook. If you see an ad that has, say, 1,000 likes and gets a lot of new comments, there's a much higher chance that this product will go viral than if you just search for bestsellers on Amazon or AliExpress. 

For example, look at the ads on YouTube as well. If you see products in these ads, then they may be about to go viral. After all, someone is advertising this product. So the chance is high that it will sell well.

You can usually recognize trends by the fact that something new is introduced that is not yet so well known. Something that you simply haven't seen before. Or you think it's a cool product. 

Eventually, you'll get an eye for how to spot these trends so you can jump on them early to profit tremendously. For example. For me, I see more and more stuff showing up in my newsfeed. More and more, more and more. 

And then Facebook will eventually tell you what's hot and what products are out there. And you don't need AliExpress for that. You don't need an Amazon bestseller, but a strategy that's been working for a long time and is still up to date. 

There will always be algorithms that show you certain things on Facebook because you are interested in them. Products that you are interested in will always be suggested to you. That's why you have to be active everywhere where ads are displayed to see as many ads as possible. 

Here you can quickly see which products are often advertised. The ads you see often are probably also highly profitable. It's exactly the same on Facebook and everywhere else where ads are placed. And that's simply because people are starting to run interest-based ads. 

And what's even better is when you click on a store, for example, and then go through the entire check out process until the buy button comes up. And then you simply close the window, so that many such products are displayed to you. 

This trick should ensure that after ten days at the latest, you will definitely find at least two to three products that you can sell in your store. If you have now applied this strategy, for example, you will get results very quickly. No matter how many products you have found with this strategy, you will have success in any case.

How you can find guaranteed highly profitable dropshipping products by properly testing trending products

The next step is to test these viral products. And not just one, but several. That means you now have to find a winner. Let's say you've now selected five, ten, twenty, thirty products and are now running ads for all of them for at least a week at five to ten euros a day.

You should really test a lot of products. You don't need to build the whole store yet, you just need something where you can load those products in. Then you test the products with a matching ad.

What I recommend here, for example, if you went to advertising platform and now you have five to ten products, that you observe how they design the advertisements there. 
What does the product look like? What is the advertising text behind it? And what is the product description? What is the title of the product? What does the deal look like? Look what they are doing, just copy it. I don't say steal it, just copy it. Maybe you can do it a little better too. 

If you already know how to do that, then just test out different ads. And when you're about to run your ads on Facebook, for example, make sure you run the products for a week. So you run ads for several different products at the same time. 

So you quickly see which products are profitable and sell well, and you see which products are less profitable. And if those products aren't making money this week and aren't profitable, you throw them out right away. You don't have to burn money here. 

You just make sure that you test your products for a week. All the ones that don't work, you throw out. The others you let run for a little while longer. And as soon as they start to be really profitable, then you go to step number three.

How to get from a few sales per month to hundreds per day and more

If you've been making sales with that ad for at least a week, then you can start scaling. There is no other way. 

Because if you start scaling products that are at break-even, that are at zero profit, then you're going to have a little bit of a problem when you want to run more ads. You're going to notice all of a sudden that the ads are getting more expensive. And by doing that, you'll then notice that it's not working anymore. 

So you have to make sure that you earn at least twice as much from the product as you spend on ads. It's best to calculate it for your own specific product so that you can really get the best results. 

Some products, for example, require a triple return on investment for the whole thing to be truly profitable. But this is different with every product: You can build a highly profitable business even with low profits. 

And now you publish the ads you already have for a hundred euros. You publish them five times, ten times, as many times as you want. You can publish as many ads as your budget allows now. 

You don't have to change anything in your existing ad. You just artificially increase the budget and reach more people. So you have the chance to spend more money to make more money. 

The only important thing is that you always decide exactly how much money you reinvest in placing ads. It's recommended that you set aside about half of the profit you make and put the rest back into advertising. This way you can scale your business incredibly fast, and the number of your customers will increase quickly. 

The more profit you make, the more ads you can buy. This in turn will increase your reach, attract more customers to your online store, and ultimately scale your profits.

This was the third step to build your own highly profitable dropshipping business in Germany. If you have chosen your product correctly, you will make very high profits.

My conclusion

In order to build your own dropshipping business, you need a viral product that has a high demand. Now you test it for a week against other products and can scale it after an optimization phase. 

With this strategy, it's super easy to build a successful dropshipping business with little risk. 

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